What Goes Good with Mozzarella Sticks: Salads, Dips & More

Enhancing your mozzarella stick experience can be achieved by finding the right accompaniments. This post will look into the different sides that pair well with mozzarella sticks and how to create a scrumptious snack or meal.  So What goes good with mozzarella sticks?

We’ll dive into various types of salads that complement cheese sticks and discuss their benefits as well as tips for making them delicious. Next, we’ll cover an array of dips and sauces that pair perfectly with these fried delights, enhancing their flavor profile while also providing some added nutritional value.

Finally, we’ll touch on different drinks that make for refreshing sips between bites of cheesy goodness. By delving into these possibilities, you can discover novel approaches to savoring mozzarella sticks.

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Dipping Sauces & Accompaniments Galore.

For a twist on the classic, try experimenting with different dipping sauces to bring out the full flavor of mozzarella sticks. But why not switch things up and explore the world of dipping sauces? From honey mustard, BBQ, buffalo, cocktail, chili, and tomato dips to creamy guacamole, there are plenty of delicious options that will bring out the cheesy goodness in your favorite snack.

For those seeking a classic accompaniment, why not try dipping in garlic butter or olive oil? This is especially great if you’re serving up some fried eggs alongside your mozzarella sticks. Fresh salad greens are also a perfect accompaniment for this comfort food staple – just don’t forget the ranch dressing. Caesar salad is another great option if you want something light and flavorful.

If bread-based sides are more your style, opt for frozen garlic bread warmed in the oven or homemade using fresh ingredients like garlic and butter. You could even pair them with tomato soup served alongside crusty artisanal loaves for an extra touch of flavor.

Finally, consider adding pickles or other accompaniments to give each bite an extra texture and freshness boost. Pickled cucumbers work well here while deli meat such as prosciutto adds an interesting twist when wrapped around peaches or other fruits – perfect if you’re looking for something sweet and savory at once. Jalapeno poppers also add some heat to the mix while spinach balls (a vegetarian option) provide healthy yet delicious alternatives too.

For drinks that go good with mozzarella sticks, I would lean toward a pale ale.  A light beer that pairs well with the saltiness.  Soft drinks and iced tea are also some great non-alcoholic choices.

FAQs in Relation to What Goes Good With Mozzarella Sticks

What is good with mozzarella sticks?

Mozzarella sticks are a classic snack that pairs well with many different accompaniments. A marinara sauce, offering a flavorful and slightly acidic contrast to the creamy cheese, is often chosen as an accompaniment for mozzarella sticks. Other great options include ranch dressing for dipping, or pairing with Italian-style salads like Caprese salad or arugula pesto salad. For those looking for something sweet, honey mustard can be used to dip mozzarella sticks in for an added sweetness. I think honey mustard and BBQ sauces are also good choices if you’re looking for something more savory. No matter what you fancy, there’s surely a scrumptious selection to match your mozzarella sticks.

What goes good with fried cheese?

Fried cheese can be savored in a variety of ways, making it an indulgent pleasure to enjoy. A classic pairing for fried cheese is marinara sauce, as the acidity of the tomato cuts through the richness of the melted cheese. For an even more decadent experience, try serving it with honey or maple syrup – both will add sweetness to contrast with the salty flavor of fried cheese. Alternatively, fresh herbs such as basil or oregano are great accompaniments too; they bring out different notes in the dish while still complementing its overall taste profile.


For mozzarella sticks, the possibilities are seemingly limitless.  From salads and dips to sauces and drinks, you can create a delicious meal or snack that everyone will enjoy. 

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