Unlock the Flavor: What Goes Good with Italian Sausage!

When it comes to delicious and hearty meals, nothing quite beats Italian sausage. But what goes good with Italian sausage?  From classic pasta dishes to flavorful vegetables or grains – there’s something for everyone when you add this versatile ingredient into the mix. Whether you’re looking for a quick dinner option or an indulgent weekend meal, let us show you how adding some Italian Sausage can take your dish from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Italian Sausage and Pasta

Italian sausage and pasta is a classic combination that’s easy to prepare, flavorful, and sure to please any homemaker. Types of pasta include penne, rigatoni, fusilli, farfalle (bow-tie), spaghetti and linguine. When pairing Italian sausage with pasta it’s important to choose the right type of sauce or topping. Popular sauces for Italian sausage and pasta dishes include marinara sauce, pesto sauce, Alfredo sauce or garlic butter sauce.

When cooking Italian sausage and pasta together it’s best to cook the sausage first in a skillet over medium heat until lightly browned on all sides; then add your favorite type of tomato-based marinara or pesto sauce before adding cooked noodles. For creamier dishes like Alfredo or garlic butter sauces use half-and-half instead of heavy cream as this will help keep the dish light while still providing flavor. To make sure your dish isn’t too dry be sure to reserve some of the cooking liquid from boiling the noodles so you can add more if needed when combining everything together at the end.

Finally, don’t forget about seasoning – salt and pepper are essential but also consider using crushed red pepper flakes for a bit of heat if desired.

Combining Italian Sausage and Pasta is a timeless classic that can be experienced in numerous methods. Moving on to Italian Sausage and Vegetables, this dish offers an array of options for creating unique flavors.

Italian Sausage and Vegetables

Tantalizing Italian sausage with veggie accompaniments is a scrumptious combo that can be incorporated into numerous recipes. Popular vegetables to pair with Italian sausage include bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic, zucchini, squash and tomatoes. These vegetables provide flavor and texture to the dish while adding nutritional value. When preparing Italian sausage and veggies, it is essential to bear in mind that the sausages will cook more rapidly than the vegetables; hence they should be included at distinct times throughout the cooking process.

Add diced onion first then add sliced bell pepper followed by minced garlic. Once they have cooked for a few minutes then add slices of Italian sausage and cook until browned on both sides before adding any other ingredients such as cubed zucchini or squash. Once the vegetables and sausage have cooked until tender, serve over rice or noodles for a complete meal.

After preheating the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, thinly slice potatoes and spread them out on one half of an oven-safe pan. On top of the potatoes, layer chopped bell peppers followed by thin slices of sausage and halved cherry tomatoes. Season everything lightly with salt & pepper then drizzle olive oil over it all evenly before baking uncovered for 30 minutes or until golden brown throughout. Stirring once halfway through cooking time ensures even roasting results when done; serve hot topped off with freshly grated Parmesan cheese if desired.

A timeless combination of Italian Sausage and Veggies is a delightful choice for many meals. For another delicious way to enjoy Italian Sausage, try pairing it with grains for an equally tasty meal.

Italian Sausage and Grains

Adding texture and flavor to Italian sausage dishes can be achieved through the use of various grains, such as couscous, quinoa, bulgur wheat, farro, and barley. When selecting a grain to accompany the sausage, it’s essential to consider how the flavor profile of the grain will complement that of the sausage. Popular types of grains that work well with Italian sausage include couscous, quinoa, bulgur wheat, farro, and barley.

When cooking Italian sausage and grains together, it is best to cook them separately before combining them into one dish. This allows each ingredient its own time to cook properly without over or undercooking either component. Sauté the Italian sausage in a skillet, then set aside while you make your grain using either the stovetop or Instant Pot for faster preparation. Once both components are cooked thoroughly they can be combined together for a delicious meal.

There are many recipes available online that combine these two ingredients perfectly for easy weeknight dinners or special occasions alike. A popular recipe is Sausage & Farro Risotto which combines cooked farro with crumbled sausage simmered together in chicken broth until creamy like risotto but still chewy from the farro – perfect comfort food at its finest. Another favorite is Barley-Stuffed Peppers which uses ground beef instead of pork but works just as well when using ground pork mixed with chopped onion and garlic then adding cooked barley before stuffing bell peppers – this hearty dinner option is sure to please everyone at your table.


Italian sausage is a versatile ingredient that can be used in many different recipes. Whether you’re looking for something light and healthy, like pasta or vegetables, or something more hearty with grains, there are plenty of options when it comes to what goes good with Italian sausage. With the right ingredients and spices added to the mix, your meal will have all the flavor you need while being nutritious as well.

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